Top 5 Best Music Production Software to Create Music in 2022

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If you’re a music lover and want to start your professional career on it or wondering about composing and recording your own music then you’ve to use the best Music Production Software. If you’re trying a beginner level of editing then the free Music Production Softwares are enough to Create normal music. In this social media era, we never need to depend on the music industry to promote our own music and you know the power of social apps which specially design for music like TikTok, musically, Likee, and many more. People use this software for making a sound effect for their youtube channels, so I consider that also and gives you an overall best performer top 5 apps in this category.

There are many celebrities who got fame overnight, if you belong from this field then you know about Yashraj Mukhate who edited its music brilliantly must listen to his Wo Rashi Thi song. And all this happens just because of their passion for music and how they tune their voice with Music Production Software.

List of Music Production Software

So in this article, we will discuss some of the best free and paid professional Music Production Software for Windows, macOS, and android. Choose according to your criteria of sound production. If you just started no need to invest a huge amount to buy apple products. There are many other online tools that are able to do, the same level of editing without decreasing the quality of audio. To produce your own music while using this TOP 5 Best Music Production Software to Create Music and becomes an online social media start and start your journey in the music industry as a playback singer. So let’s start.

#1. Audacity

Audacity is my favourite and one of the most popular audio editing apps. The best part is it’s available for all the platforms. If you work with only a few sound effects for your youtube videos and want to edit background music effects on your song, or want to maintain the sound by adjusting the bass or treble then Audacity gives you the best outcome. If you looking for windows then this one is the best alternative to GarageBand.

This one is a fully digital audio workstation and if you ask any technical guy he definitely suggests you use the Audacity app for beginner level of editing. You can convert music into almost all major audio formats. Basically, it developed as an audio editor but by adding plug-ins you can combine more effects. The interface is pretty simple for newbies, It’s cross-platform so you can frequently switch in between Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

#2. Waveform Free

This program is developed by Tracktion Corporation. If free software is your topmost priority then Waveform is capable to edit an unlimited amount of videos free of cost. Its quickly compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux OS. This is a very powerful music-making tool available online. All the necessary features, which require in recording and mixing of any sound are present there.

Its have some advanced editing features like an audio mixer with built-in effects, track analysis, and automation. Also in the free version, you can install the Mazor plugins like VST and AU. To expand your music with synthesizers, samplers It offers a very generous 60-day free trial but to access the premium version you have to pay $60 for a discounted license.

#3. GarageBand ( MacOS )

If you were looking for the premium quality of music editing compatible with the apple ecosystem then GrangeBand is one of the best choices in this category for many years. I tell you it’s in 1st position. Apple offers very reliably and quality apps to there user and if you ask any iOS user for best music editing software then he blindly suggest you to use GarageBand app. This one is a free and powerful software for music creation that allows a professional level of editing with an easy-to-understand interface.

If you’re new you can watch a built-in video-tutorial to learn how to use instruments in GarageBand. There are 255 separate audio tracks you can create your own effective music with virtual instruments and mixed them together. It can quickly edit live podcast music also. You can use it on iPhone & iPad as well. The only limitation with GarageBand is it available only for macOS & iOS, The windows, android & Linux users cant access it from their platform.

#4. Cakewalk by BandLab

Cakewalk SONAR is a dedicated app for music creation. The development of the cakewalk is stopped in 2017 for some reason but the Singapore-based company Bandlab continues it. It’s a first-ever digital audio workstation. For windows users the download is free. For audio and music effects this has some straightforward tools and a collection of instrumental sounds. Cakewalk comes up with complete music production packages. For your own recordings, you get an unlimited MIDI.

You can perform advanced mixing by using master tools. It’s all-rounder music editing program best for a professional-standard level of mixing. It also uses virtual instruments like GarageBand. If you allow, It directly publishes your rendering file into Youtube, Facebook, or other social media platform. The only Drawback is it supports the above windows 10 versions and the GUI is a little challenging for new users.

#5. Studio One Prime

If you are a professional singer and songwriter then this studio one prime will help you a lot for making your soundtrack with amazing audio effects. there are many in-built high-quality audio effects that perform simple mixing tasks in superb quality. For audio recording, it has streamlined free DAW. It has many guitar processing effects in the free versions like Empire and Pedalboard. Some convenient effects to make your track awesome are like flanger, reverb and delay effects, chorus, and a channel strip with EQ and compression.

In the free version of Studio One, you can load VST plugins in free DAW from PreSonus. So this is a limitation but if you want to use it for professional editing then you can go with premium plans which have some advanced features for a music artist.


People love to sing a song and start editing them on their own device as they want and edit sound effects for their youtube channels or nowadays there is a craze for creative viral memes. By doing these creative things they really show what they actually want to show the world with their lyrics and sound effect. So these are the famous and best audio music production software which allows you the freedom to edit or remix your music as per requirement. Some of them are bast for MacOS and some works smooth with the windows operating system. So use according to your native platform and be a self-made singing star.

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