5 Steps to Start a Successful Blog & Earn Money Online

Do you wish to start earning at an early age? Why don’t you start by writing a blog and earn passive money?

The world is shifting online, and content is becoming more and more evergreen. What you write and share with your audience will leave an indelible impression on them. As a result, what you provide them counts the most. You must be considering what to provide to your audience at this point, right?

Follow Five Steps to Start a Blog Online

Before you dive deep into the ocean of blogging, here are the things which you should be careful about.

#1. Choosing up the right niche

You’ve already won a quarter of the fight if you thought of this. It all relies on how well you choose your niche. This is the first and most important step in starting a blog.

Bogging is a topic of interest; many individuals utilize it as a recreational activity. As a result, choosing the subject on which to write is entirely dependent on the writer’s interests, but considering the reader’s preferences should also be a factor in how to choose ponderable points.

Our content is our product. Providing the audience with what they want and need will help to increase traffic and revenue. It’s all about providing your audience what they want to know when it comes to blogging!

The greatest and most appropriate niches are those having millions of searches. Hence picking your niche is vital. 

Choosing the most popular niche will help you connect with your target audience. Our generation believes in experiencing life to the fullest and is constantly on the lookout for new locations to visit, new foods to try, and the finest shows to watch.

Let me make things easier for you:

If you are a travel freak, why don’t you think of starting a travel blog?

People enjoy traveling, but before purchasing tickets or forming a firm plan, everyone searches the Internet for information and reviews. What we need to focus on here is becoming a destination where people can digitally visit their favorite places. 

Did you ever google a restaurant’s menu before you go physically? Yes!! We all have been there. See, there you go with another niche. 

People, learn from each other’s experiences and past. This concept is applied in blogging as well. Your ideas and reviews on certain things matter. You just have to genuine and provide your audience with unique content. 

Tip: Try to provide and find sub-niche too, this will help your target audience to get precise information. 

I wouldn’t suggest anybody take up a niche just by seeing its rate of success. Take up something you’re interested in since blogging is a vast, uncharted territory about which you’ll only learn more if you plunge in.

At the end of the day, what counts is that you are pleased and content with your job.

#2. Register a Domain Name & Buy Hosting

I understand that the amount of information provided below is huge, but don’t worry, don’t sweat it. We all have been there and trust me, it’s not that difficult. 

The best part of blogging is naming your blog

Domain names

This is the name from which your website will be recognized.  Choosing the appropriate and exact domain name may need a lot of thought. The blogging world is vast, and each writer has something unique to contribute. Many authors fail at this, although for many, blogging is their primary source of revenue.

What do you believe the problem was with the folks that couldn’t fit in here?

You would have got a lot of advice in choosing a proper domain name, but what counts is keeping it simple and memorable. Your Domain name should represent your entire idea and blog.  Pick up a pen and a paper, jot down every keyword that relates to your blog. For instance, food-fantasy, this name suggests that this blog is something related to food. 

Just like this, find your blog name! 

Tip: Be careful with copyright issues. Try to avoid copyright name in your domain name otherwise you may face legal issues in the future.

#3. Buying a Hosting

A majority of sites provide hosting with the domain name. 

If this is your first blog, I would suggest you buy both the Domain name as well as hosting from the same provider/ suite. This will aid in making the whole process a lot easier. 

The majority of servers provide a simple interface for purchasing domain names: Simply search and follow up the on-screen directions. While doing all of this keep in mind the following two things:

If you are very particular about your branding, you will have to invest. 

You will also be provided with an option of choosing the period of your registration and the default time is one year. 

Tip: Be careful while purchasing a hosting and a Domain name from the same site. If a person somehow gets into your hosting account, he/she might steal information and data. They might also end up transferring the entire domain, leaving you with nil.


Before we get started, let me ask you a question: What is the most important thing you need to start a business?

Yes, you guessed it, you’ll need a location or even a plot of land to start your firm. Similarly, we utilize hostings in the case of blogging; this is nothing more than a location where we may keep all of our information and data.

In simple terms, when you are signing up for hosting, you are renting up space in a server where you can store all the data that your website needs.

Types of Hosting:

i) Shared hosting: Due to the extreme advantages of mass, shared hosting is an appealing choice. Hundreds of websites can be hosted on a single server. 

ii) VPS: A VPS is comparable to a public cloud but without drawbacks. The hard disk is still distributed, but it’s generally just among a few clients, but it’s divided evenly.

iii) Managed WordPress Hosting: Managed WordPress is a package is used to get a website from WordPress.com

Tip: Look for the flexibility of your audience

Set up WordPress Blog:

You will be a little puzzled about adding a host to your website, particularly when you are working with managed WordPress hosting. 

Let us think that you have a managed WordPress hosting using which you’ll be able to add various websites. All you will be asked is your details and the installation name of the WordPress. 

The above thing allows you to set up a website without owing a domain. 

Tip: Double-check that your domain’s nameservers are pointed to your host’s nameservers.

Installing WordPress:

Installing WordPress is a very simple task, where you just need to fill a form. The WordPress installations in your account can be increased to how many ever you want but depends on the account type.

In case of having a VPS or a shared account, you will two options- Installing WordPress manually or installation with just one click. Moreover, the domain also sometimes provides tools to reduce the number of steps to be followed.

In case you are going for the manual root- You can do it easily by just downloading WordPress, then feed in all the files to the server. This will create a database and you will give it to point the browser to the domain. Lastly, you need to follow all the given instructions on the screen.

#4. Research keywords & Post Article

Though blogging is a matter of interest and people often use this platform as their pastime. Hence selecting the matter on which one wants to write and the related keywords completely depend on his or her interests but to have a thought about the reader’s choice should be a ponderable point as well. So let us see how to select the keywords for our blogs to make them liable to more people. 

To select the right keyword, first of all, we need to think as a reader ourselves. After evaluation of the topic and keywords, we shall go for targeting about what could be possible and prime requirements of our audience (readers). 

Moving ahead, we should study the competition by checking out the keyword selection of other bloggers who have been doing good in the area. This would not only help you decide the preferable keywords but would also cherish the cupboard of your ideas. 

After you have finished researching what your competitors have been doing you need to know some basic tips for selecting a good keyword. Before setting the keywords make sure you choose a LONG TAIL KEYWORD, i.e., your keyword should be a combination of words (three or more) or phrases. 

The selected keyword should define your ideas and services swiftly and subtly. You can also seek help from some keyword planner tools to set your fulfilments. The keywords tools of Google Ads can be of great help in this. Some other alternatives can be Zutrix, Raven tools, SEMrush, etc. These are very helpful in providing with best marketing insights.

After all the above-discussed deliberations once you have finished up selecting the keywords make sure you monitor them properly and do not forget to analyze them. 

Now you need to spread your keywords wherever possible. Try and insert the keywords into social media posts, other blog posts, and metatags, and the content of your website. This will lead towards an easier way for the readers to find out your content.

Tip: Look and opt for low competitive words and provided accurate information using the same.

#5. Monetize your blog

Blogging is a great leisure activity and it becomes more interesting once the blogger starts earning from it. Many blogs earn up to $ 40 per hour. It sounds great that we can make out money online by simply having fun with our past time job. But this is only possible once you get your blog monetized. Monetization of the blog means that you can make out money or tax of your blog. 

There are various ways for your blogs to get monetized. It starts with the most basic method, i.e., by looking into Affiliate Marketing. In this, you need to promote the products of various other businesses.

You need to add the link from where one can purchase the particular product about which your blog is. You will earn a commission once a customer purchases the product via the link provided by you in the blog.

The easy way to earn online through your blog is by writing reviews. You can opt for writing reviews about various products and/or services and you can make money out of it.

If you wish to earn online through your blog posts you can also try accepting sponsored blog posts. This way is again a great monetization strategy. You simply need to write reviews about a company product. Or you just need to publish the already written reviews by the company.

If you are a good blogger and want to earn through your writings then you can turn your blogs into Membership sites where your regular readers will not mind paying you for reading your blogs.

Another great way is creating a Private Forum. A forum is a page on your website where members have the liberty to discuss various topics and they can easily get one-on-one advice from you and other readers as well.

 So instead of converting the entire blog into a membership site, you can simply create a private forum where the readers will have to pay to get access to the blog.

Tip: look for an application that suits your need.


The journey of starting anything is not full of sweets and sugars, there’ll be ups and downs, failures and success. But what matters is your determination and will of keep moving forward. As you dive deep you’ll learn about yourself and your niche. 

Again, and there is nothing incorrect if you write for profit alone, but you’ll find faster methods to accomplish it internet. But blogging is a wonderful method to aid your readers & post your thoughts if you’re creating quality material and want to help others with their difficulties.

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