Top 5 Best SMS Websites to Send Text Message to Phones

Sending a text message had changed because there was a time when we had to pay lots of money to spend even a single text message, and there were more charges for sending MMS. However, nowadays, everything has become quite easier and cheaper, especially sending text messages. The rise of messaging applications like Messenger, Whastapp has forced us to send messages over the Internet. But, there are some online websites that you can use to send text messages free of cost. 

People still don’t realize that receiving a text message on the phone is still quite great and unique in many ways. There are many SMS websites that you can use to send SMS to the phones, and there won’t be any charges for using those services.

List of Best Website to Send SMS in 2022

Even though many websites are there, we decided to make things easier for you by listing the best ones to send free SMS to phones, so have a closer look at them. 

#1. TextEm

One of the most easy-to-use and the best SMS sending websites we can call is this one. Here you can create a new account, select the number of people you want to send the SMS, add their phone numbers, and then send messages to their phone. The only drawback here is that you will have to login into your account first, and then after only, you can start sending SMS to the recipients. 

The replies to the messages can be received in the TextEm inbox quite easily. You don’t have to make any changes because you will need to see whether the recipient’s carrier supports the reply. If not, you can still set the Email as a reply source and get their feedback through Email. 

TextEm supports 100s of network carriers in America, so there won’t be an issue with replies for sure. However, they don’t support bulk messaging simultaneously, but that’s not the reason to ditch their services.

#2. SendSMSnow

When you have a better auto send message, like by adding a profile picture and creating a contact list, why would you prefer other services? SendSMSnow lets you send many SMSfree of cost, and you will have to first create a new account, add necessary information and then start using their unique yet refreshing services.

There is an option of sending text messages to the group of people also. However, the services to the people are not free of cost, and one cent is charged for every message. So if you want to send a message to 10 people, then the charge would be around $0.10. 

The limit on the number of characters to be sent through SMS is set at 130. You can send SMS to North America and the majority of the European parts also. So the service is quite strong and based upon the user’s phone numbers only. 

#3. Txt2Day

If you are the type of person who likes to send anonymous messages, then this is the best platform that you can use. Txt2Day is the best website to send a bulk number of messages to phone numbers. You can add multiple phone numbers without adding more personal information and start sending text messages. 

They support every type of network carrier throughout the USA and other parts of America. Whether the recipients use Vodafone, Telcel, T Mobile Uk, you can send text messages to everyone with the help of this amazing website. 

Unfortunately, there are no service facilities available for receiving the inbox, so there are no replies. The quality of their service is worth trying at least once, and you can do that with just a few steps. 

#4. OpenTextingOnline

Even though everyone likes to receive messages, very few people are willing to send the first. If you are the type of person who is trying to surprise someone with a text message on their phone number, then you can try this website. 

This website offers the service in more than 50 countries, so you can imagine how much wider options you have when sending a text message to someone. Just open the website and start sending random text messages; there are no restrictions on creating an account on this site. 

People always get excited about sending SMS but using online platforms is still one of the most time and cost-saving techniques through which you can send multiple messages. OpenTextingonline is the best platform even for those who have never used online texting. 

#5. Send Anonymous SMS

We all know how much it is fun when you mess around with someone through a new phone number, especially with your friends. This website lets you send phone messages anonymously to the recipient multiple times without mentioning any contact details. 

Enter the phone number, select the characters of the text messages that you want to send, and that’s it. In some cases, you will have to first select the recipient’s country and determine whether the network carrier supports it or not. 

Pranksters use it to prank on their buddies’ phone numbers. The number of messages can be increased, and you can bombard your friend’s phone number with funny text messages. 


So these are the best SMS websites to send text messages on phone numbers. There are always some great websites, and the ones which we mentioned above are the best. Even though you can also use any other websites, we think anyone who wants to send free of cost text messages can go with any of these sites on the list. Before using any of these site’s services, make sure the phone number is right because the wrong message can be sent to the wrong person.

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