Top 5 Best Music Player Apps for Android in 2022

Streaming music on your Android device must be one of the favorite activities that you might be doing, and I agree with that because without listening to songs, my entire day goes boring for sure. Whether it’s your work or any other things that you like to do daily, music should be the companion you can trust. The default music players are not that good when it comes to the user interface or anything else; people don’t like that music player for sure.

Now, if you’re trying to find the music player app, then you’re at the right place. Because after researching and testing by myself, I have managed to find top music player applications available on an Android system.

List of Best Music Player for Android

So here are the top music player applications that one can use on the android smartphone.

#1. Pulsar Music Player

If you’re curious and want to listen to high-end songs, then the best option for you would be to get this application downloaded on your smartphone. The pulsar music player offers an offline music streaming option that can be a game-changer, and that’s what everyone currently needs. The user interface is also basic and does not make things more complicated than what you imagine. Very few users know that music player applications don’t need to show any advertising. This application offers some of the best musical qualities, and there is no need to make further changes.

There are options like gapless playback, crossfade, lyrical display, and many other things that make a music player more enjoyable and useful. You can use tag editing, Chromecast, voice command, music visualizing, and various other things in one place, and that’s what everyone needs from a music player. 

Features of Pulsar Player:

  • Material Design with a stunning user interface.
  • Fast search results for songs, albums, etc.
  • Play speed adjustments.
  • Free advertising and various colour themes.

#2. Musicolet Music Player

There are very few applications that exist on the platform, which will give you an option to play songs seamlessly. Musicolet is that type of music player with a stunning user interface and helps you play any music instantly. This application does not allow you to stream online music for sure, but it’s solely useful for playing offline music. Musicolet has managed to get the required amount of popularity but compared to other features; it’s quite underrated. 

Since there isn’t an option available to stream online, you will have to use it only for offline mode. Very few people get a chance to use such a lightweight and good music streaming player, and it’s one of those for sure. Gapless playback, folder browsing, earphone controlling helps you to stream unlimited music on the smartphone easily.

Features of Muscolet Player:

  • It supports offline lyrics in MP3 songs.
  • Minimalistic and stunning user interface.
  • Automatic and manual backup options are available.
  • No advertising available.

#3. Shuttle Music Player

If you closely look at options available, then one can find how much useful this music player, in reality, is as compared to others. The intuitive and stunning user interface, great design, number of options available to stream any music, and many other things give you an option to play music through this player. The inbuilt 6 band equalizer option gives you an option to stream any music in one place. Gapless playback, multiple theme options, lyrical support, and many other things give you a better option to stream any music.

If you look at the widgets options, they are extremely customizable, which the majority of the users lack nowadays. The paid version also lets you stream more seamless and high-end quality songs through this application. If you closely look at the number of options available, you can see why this application is more useful than any others in the given category.

Features Shuttle Player:

  • Easy folder access and browsing.
  • Chromecast support is available.
  • Extra useful themes are available.
  • Modern material design for streaming seamless music.

#4. Retro Music Player

Highly customizable that gives you an option to stream music seamlessly and without any bugs or issues because the retro music player is getting famous among the users. If you look at the UI, it matches with the users’ overall demand and helps you choose the right type of music player for your desired songs. Versatile looks are available for this player, such as light, dark, black, and many others, which one can use to stream unlimited music in one place. 

Create your own library based on songs, artists, and albums and easily use it offline mode. The most sophisticated music player that I have personally found for sure because of the minimalist design and useful features being put on it. If you look at the other options, then one can find how boring it makes you feel while using, but that’s not the case with the Retro music player for sure. 

Features of Retro Player:

  • Various types of colour themes are available.
  • Folder access, gapless playback is available.
  • Easy drag and drop playlist adjustments.
  • It supports more than 30 languages. 

#5. Foober2000

There are very few applications on the android platform that will give you quality services based upon your requirements and demands, and here you get all of those things which a music player should need. Foober 2000 is the type of music player with a stunning user interface and helps you to stream seamless songs. The amount of customization it can give you is tremendous, and that’s why so many downloads are increasing every day. 

If you look at the number of songs format available, you will find how useful this application has become. The functions of gapless playback, Fully playback support and many other things make this application more beautiful and useful. The simple and minimalist design makes it useful when you’re tired of using all those flashy and unimportant applications for playing music.

Features of Foober2000:

  • Supports multiple song format’s.
  • Play songs from a direct SD card.
  • Playlist management becomes easier.
  • Tons of background themes are available.


So these are the best music-playing applications that one can use for streaming their desired music free of cost. Currently, if you look at the options, most of the applications come with premium plans only, and one cannot find any other ways. However, the above-mentioned music players work great with any android device and if you have any doubts or questions, leave a comment below.

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